Weddings are celebrations of love, holding family heirlooms, traditions, and memories close to the heart. These are timeless events that involve all the joy and warmth. It has changed so much in the past 10 years, the level of personalization and customization that the couple wants is applaudable, doing what they should do, that feels right, instead of what’s expected.


Finding a perfect wedding decor is just like the search hunt we do for our dream dress, and venue. While we are all trying to be a bit more mindful about the purchases we, the team of Crazy Neon, are here to guide you with what is trendy than the trendier sign that you might have picked.

 Shopping for your wedding requires a little patience and quite a bit of research but the outcomes turn out to be worth your while. Neon lights are a terrific way to put in some oomph to any wedding function. To help you discover the most suitable option for your wedding, we rounded up the top five options of our best and handcrafted Neon signs.



Who won't love a good wedding sign especially when it is of the neon variety? Create a backdrop with a neon sign drawn up with a delightful cursive impression that is chic enough to stand out. Such backdrops won't only save you the money to spend it all on additional over-the-top wedding decor, but you'll also invest in a decorative article, by taking this as a souvenir from your wedding, that you can display in your home.


For pairs looking to give their reception a nightclub aura, a tailored neon wedding sign can fill in the light on any dance floor. It's precisely enough to put in a fraction of light without overexposing those late-night moves.





Grant a nod to your vows and everlasting passion with a modest neon sign. We adore how fresh the neon light gazes against the verdant backdrop, even in the daylight. At the center of any marriage ceremony are the wedding vows.


We believe the vows construct the basis of the marriage, they should be carefully chosen and should be embedded as a memoir, to remind you in your hard times, that your love and foundation is stronger than you might think as they most accurately express what the couple desires to create in their relationship. And there's no better way than framing it in the form of a neon sign in this modern era.

 Wedding Neon Sign - Always & Forever




The essence of any wedding is how personalized and connected it feels, well obviously apart from some good food, drinks, and dance. Personalize your wedding by enhancing the decor and putting in a neon sign that features your initials. This stunning signage shows off your love and can easily be added to your wedding day scenery.

Apart from this, you can reuse it, as home decor, office light, and the most preferred one- at any party, you host because we'll after all you are the host, put it beside your welcome sign creating an extraordinary sight to the decor.







If you put attention to every single detail and crave perfection, then this might be your deal! Such customizations are for the true trendsetters, make a prolific statement of your style by creating cool hashtags for your wedding. Well, a little glam on a gram hurts nobody, everyone appreciates a Photobooth area, and most importantly, when it's your wedding day, you want your dream pictures captured in THE PERFECT WAY!


Here is when Neon signs come to the rescue, producing an extraordinary effect. You can organize some dimensional depth and emphasize your theme by mixing in other decor elements as well. We at Crazy neon understand your needs and craft them the way you want, that too at wholesale neon sign price.




Are you that couple who wants their wedding to be themed as amusingly and cleverly as you are? Don't wanna lose out on the humor?

Well, well, a pun never loses the pun-chline, if you know, you know!


Go crazy with your crazier puns that fit your decor, like, 'Drunk in love' near the bar area,    ' 'Til Death do us Party' near the dance floor, or 'Love is like syrup, I mean sugar syrup' near the area where the desserts are put, etc.


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Since this wedding trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, we hope you like our compilation of some of our favorite neon wedding signs.


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Team Crazy Neon