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Shop from our Neon sign collection for Kids. Cactus jack neon sign, Astronaut Neon Signs, Star wars Neon sign, Captain America Neon sign, Spiderman Neon sign, Akatsuki Neon sign, and many others, are available at the best possible prices.




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Make Your Kids Room Aesthetic and Lively

Change your kid's room into something that spreads positive vibes and encourages progressiveness. Wondering how you can do that? With attractive neon signs for kids' rooms! These neon lights bring immediate joy and happiness to your kids by enhancing the overall mood in the room.

Create a playful space with kids’ neon

Neon lights are perfect for kids who like to bring their friends home. Not only do these lights create an aesthetic atmosphere but they also give a nice touch for bedroom décor. They give a modern and fashionable look which revives the whole environment. If your kid loves cartoons or anime then these neon signs can be used to create a fantasy world with their favourite characters. You can decorate a kid's room according to their preferences and kids will love to share joy with their friends.

Light up mood with a custom neon sign

Neon signs can vastly change the vibe of your kid’s room. They can help in creating a positive space and can effectively improve the mood of your kids. You can easily customise the colour of your neon signs that best suits your kids. It will also help your kids stay focused. For example, red light is a great way to synchronise the internal clock of your children as it helps in increasing the amount of melatonin in the body which makes it easier to fall asleep. While green and white signs can work as a reading light which can motivate them to study. These signs also increase visibility in case your kids are scared of the dark.

Multiple shapes and designs

It is not easy to satisfy the demands of kids. That is why CrazyNeon provides you with numerous options of shapes and designs which will fit the style and preference of your kids. Their neon sign collection has a wide range of characters from marvel heroes such as Captain America neon sign, spiderman neon sign to characters from anime like Akatsuki neon sign, available at the most affordable prices. You can even create logos, words and images through custom light up signs.

Our Best Selling Products

Product Name Prices (in USD)
Moon Neon Sign $145
Astronaut Neon Sign $207.36
Skull Neon Sign $296
Rainbow Neon Sign $188
Palm Tree Neon Sign - Multicolor $175

Shop For The Best Neon Signs For Kids At CrazyNeon

If you are interested in making your own neon kids room, then CrazyNeon has you covered. CrazyNeon is the best choice for you because: -

Cost-effective: Our neon signs are not only eye catchy, but they are also offered for you at reasonable prices so that it is accessible to every customer.

Customization: CrazyNeon offers you the fantastic option of customising the neon signs according to your preferences. Now you can design a logo or signs by just following a few easy steps with our assistance.

Visibility: It enhances the overall atmosphere of your room and provides good visibility at night.

Durability: The durability of the lights last several years and you also get a 2-year warranty. This is a life time investment as it is environment friendly and consumes less energy.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy neon signs for kids at an affordable price at CrazyNeon.