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Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429097142
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429129910
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429162678
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429195446
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429228214
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429260982
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429293750
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429326518
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429359286
Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429392054
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429097142
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429129910
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429162678
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429195446
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429228214
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429260982
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429293750
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429326518
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429359286
  • Thumb - Love - NEON SIGN - 25408429392054


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This 'Love' neon sign is made with flexible LED neon tubes with ultimate endurance and great usability, It comes with a 12v dc adapter for a swift power supply with the soundest energy efficiency markers and is available in multiple sizes and color options to choose from. This neon sign has been finely processed and is built to last. These custom light-up signs are made with dependable material, LED tube used is 6mm/8mm based on the complexity of the design on plexiglass or hard acrylic board, neither does it generate heat or sound, thus providing maximum safety and protection to offer an ideal atmosphere to any area or event! 

This Love neon sign will make your dinner dates romantic, brunch dates quirky, special anniversary celebrations more special, and your high-spirited wedding decor more charming. This versatile decorative product is as pleasing as it gets. From birthdays to anniversaries, family get-togethers or playdates, concerts, festival celebrations, or weddings - this Love neon sign adds that bit of spark to every occasion! The light along with these two meaningful words stitched together gives off a relaxed and pleasurable feel for any couple. So make a statement and one that lights up because this "Love" neon sign is perfect to create the vibe you’ve always dreamt of.

Customer Reviews

Based on 228 reviews
Booze + Brie
Amazing! Love it!

Thank you for a fast turnaround. It’s better than expected and love it!!

Dog Spa

I highly recommend Crazy Neon!
Their customer service is absolutely amazing and worked hard to get me my sign quickly! It was exactly what I envisioned!

Amazing sign!

I'm a big motorsports enthusiast and mechanic. I live and breathe cars. Mopar is my jam and always will be. Wanted to get their flagship badges done in a way that would be visible and could be hung up in my shop with a wow factor. CrazyNeon outdid themselves! Could not have asked for better! I will have a lot more custom sign orders put in soon. Packaging and delivery was beyond top notch as well. They use DHL freight which is also a big sponsor in the motorsports theme so that's a plus for me.

Overall great experience, start to finish!!!

For my wife's birthday, I wanted to give her something that incorporated a design that has meaning to her, five circles intertwined. I had seen these LED "neon" signs at work and thought it would be cool to give her this. I shopped around to three options on the internet. The team as Crazy Neon was amazing from the get go, and had the best price by a noticeable amount. I uploaded the design and requested a rush order because (of course) I was short on time. They got a proof back very quickly and the light was shipped. When it arrived, it was thoroughly wrapped for protection. After spending literally 10 mins opening the package, the product was plugged in and worked great. I have yet to permanently install it, but the pic is the initial plug-in! Thank you for such an easy, smooth process.

Britt O
Exceeded Expectations

First of all, they really took extra effort to make sure the light was protected during transit. The box and packaging was so secure! It was a day early and I was so happy to see how it turned out. It was a gift for the husbands man-cave and he couldn’t be happier. I love the whole look of the room now! I can’t wait to buy more for the other boys!