CrazyNeon Warranty


  • Indoor signs are covered by a warranty period of 24 months.
  • Outdoor signs are covered by a warranty period of 12 months.
  • Electrical components such as the power supply, adapter, and dimmer are covered by a warranty period of 12 months, provided they are used appropriately.


Please note: 

  • It is crucial to properly protect the power supply and other electrical components by placing them under a shed or cover. Failing to do so can lead to potential faults or malfunctions, and importantly, it will also render the warranty void.
  • CrazyNeon does not provide any warranty on the products (Power Adapter/Dimmer) ordered via amazon or any other website, nor for an unsuccessful installation of the neon sign. We take no responsibility for the signs, in case the segments are assembled in an unsound and flawed manner.


    Warranty coverage for Hard Wired & Installed Signs 

    CrazyNeon bears no responsibility for any costs incurred for installing and/or uninstalling your sign. If you have installed and/or hard-wired your product/sign, We (CrazyNeon) take no responsibility for any costs incurred due to uninstalling and/or re-installing your sign or product. If your sign has been wired and/or modified by an electrician we reserve the right at our sole discretion to decide if the fault is covered under our warranty period or not.



    CrazyNeon assures its customers, the products we offer are free from any manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, in the emergence of such a case, we provide hassle-free assistance to all the customers. Kindly note, We offer Returns or Replacements for faulty products only and will make every effort to resolve the issue and may fix, or replace the faulty product after careful inspection of the delivered products.  The final resolution for faulty products, including refunds for the cost of the product and/or shipping, is decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the source of the fault and is at the sole discretion of CrazyNeon. 


    To start a replacement, return, or refund request contact us at


    Faulty Products

    Please attach a short video of your sign as well as photos. Please note that we may require both a video and photo(s) for quality and precise analysis. If you are not able to provide both a video and photo(s) of the complication then our ability to retrieve your issue will be bounded. Once we have received all of the required information we will be in touch to try to resolve the issue. We may provide you with a set of instructions to follow and try to remotely fix the issue based on the given case. If we fail to come to the right conclusion, we’ll issue a replacement at no cost.

    In any exceptional case, where any resolution proves to be ineffectual or we are unable to process a replacement, we’ll issue a refund which is at the sole discretion of CrazyNeon. The refund value will always be less than or equal to the sold price of the product excluding shipping charges.


    • Please do not dispose of or throw away any items you're writing about, we may schedule to collect the product for a better and more in-depth understanding of the issue
    • Please note: Kindly do not throw away the working components in case of a faulty product, we will only provide a replacement for the faulty part. 

    About Neon signs: 
    • Due to the hand-made nature of the products, they can be subject to slight variations in shape, color, font, or size. Please note, the size may vary by 1- 3 Inches for orders via the design tool.
    • The exact design/Font may or may not be replicated since the mockup shared is a computer-generated image whereas the sign is hand-crafted. Hard glue is used for fixing LEDs, thus some glue marks are normal. 
    • Marginal discolorations: Some differences in color might occur as a result of the computer screen or printer calibration, and/or direct exposure to sunlight/UV Rays for a longer duration of time. 
    • Please take into consideration that our signage systems may generate some noise or sound during operation. This can result from the functioning of LED lights, dimmer circuits, adapters, or power supplies, all of which operate at specific frequencies. Some units may also incorporate ventilation fans to dissipate heat, particularly in larger signs with more LEDs. To maximize performance and longevity, it is advisable to position the power supply in a properly ventilated area. Please be aware that slight heating, primarily from the power supply, may occur during operation.

    The Buyer acknowledges that these variations and discolorations are not a fault of the Products and accepts the potential of such occurrence. 

    You agree that the determination of whether a product's failure or breakage is due to a manufacturing defect is within the sole discretion of CrazyNeon (Webcom ventures LLC). You further agree to provide full and complete information regarding the circumstances of the failure or breakage, including but not limited to the use of the product, the conditions the product was in, and any other information useful to an informed determination by CrazyNeon as to the cause of the failure or breakage.

    Damaged during Transit 

    We recommend opening your parcel upon delivery and request you take an unboxing video for future claims. In the improbable event that your sign has been damaged in transit, we will ensure that a resolution is provided. If the package received is damaged, punctured, or bent from any side or corner it is advisable to take clear pictures before opening the box. 

    Damage must be reported within 7 days of delivery* of your Neon sign to be eligible for a replacement. Damage or faults reported after this time period will follow our general returns and refunds policy. 

    *Note: The delivery date is the courier delivery date which can be found by following the prompts in your tracking email.

    If you believe your item has been damaged in transit and you are within the 7-day claim period please send an email to with all of the following:

    • A clear photo of the damage to the sign,
    • An unboxing video 
    • Clear photos of the box & any damage to the outer box (From multiple directions including all the sides), 
    • and a clear photo of the shipping label on the box.

    Failure to comply with this request and timeframe will void the Seller's obligations.

    In case the sign is declared to be faulty, lost, or damaged during shipping, CrazyNeon offers replacement at absolutely no cost. Any requests for a modified design or a change in the shipping address may incur extra charges based on the requirements of the customer.