How different industries can benefit from custom business neon signs

How different industries can benefit from custom business neon signs

For a very long time, neon signs were revered only in the fields of advertising and design but having a business neon sign can have an instant positive impact on your business and can make you stand out from your competitors. These signs create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere in the space that is warm and welcoming for the customers or clients with their eye-catching radiance and brilliant colors.

In this blog, we will examine the numerous uses of custom business neon signs in a variety of fields, including retail and hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, art, events, and even their environmentally beneficial features. We will also talk about how you can customize neon signs for your business using our website.

Use of neon business signs for various Industries

1. Neon signs in retail shops

There are two things that you must know about the real world: first impressions matter, and people judge books by their covers. Neon business signs ensure customers have a good first impression of your store and they also act as a nice book cover. They provide a distinctive and eye-catching way of showcasing a brand's identity and luring potential clients.

Imagine you have a store on a busy street with other competitor stores nearby. You need an effective way to draw customers into your shop. Your business name neon sign above the entrance with an open sign hung on the door can be a great way to draw the attention of customers, even on a busy street. Customers will remember the store more since it conveys its individuality and aesthetic.

A neon sign reading ‘open’ hung on a door

Illuminated advertising signs can make an ordinary storefront into an intriguing and memorable destination, whether it's a boutique apparel store, a vintage record store, or a gift shop.

2. The use of neon signs in the hospitality sector

Almost every hotel, pub, and restaurant uses neon signs to attract visitors and give them a warm and unique experience. A right-colored neon sign can also create the right environment that is required in that particular space. For example, red-themed neon signs in pubs can provoke excitement among visitors. Neon bar signs like "Alcohol you later" and "Trust me, I can dance," or even a margarita glass neon sign, can infuse a party vibe in the space.

The use of neon signs in the hotel sector goes beyond aesthetics to focus on establishing a memorable ambiance for visitors to remember.

Pro Tip: If your restaurant or hotel is near a highway, place your neon sign at a considerable height so that passersby can spot it.

3. Neon Signs in the Medical Field

Custom-made neon signs have several unexpected uses in the healthcare sector, even though you might not immediately link them with this sector. Neon signs are being used more frequently in healthcare institutions to improve patient experience and aid in navigation.

In hospitals with large infrastructure, visitors may find it difficult to navigate. Neon arrow signs can be a huge help to direct patients and visitors inside the healthcare institution. An urgent issue might greatly benefit from a neon sign pointing in the direction of the emergency department, for instance.

Additionally, neon signs can help create a welcoming and less scary atmosphere in healthcare facilities. Patients and their relatives may feel more at ease if there is a neon sign with a reassuring message with relaxing colors like blue or green.

4. Neon Signs in Art and Galleries

The introduction of neon signs in the world of fine art and galleries has been a huge success. Artists have adopted neon as a medium for their works, and they have used it to produce spectacular art installations that captivate viewers.

These neon pieces of art frequently address ideas related to language, color, and light. Neon light's interaction with different backdrops results in aesthetically dazzling and provocative artwork that pushes the limits of conventional art genres.

Some artists have even achieved celebrity status for their neon works, and you can see their creations at galleries. Neon's use in the art world demonstrates how versatile it is as a tool for individual expression and creative experimentation.

5. Neon Signs at Special Events and Occasions

Neon signs have also grown in popularity as a way to give gatherings and special occasions a warm and lasting touch. Custom neon signs may change the atmosphere at any event, including weddings, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings, and leave a lasting impact on guests.

Couples frequently use neon signs with their names or their wedding date as a backdrop for wedding photos.

Neon signage is very useful for business occasions. Custom logo neon signs may be a spectacular addition to trade exhibitions, product launches, and conferences, enhancing corporate identification and generating excitement among participants.

These glowing signs also make a great gift for housewarmings or Valentine's Day.

Neon Signage That Is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Neon signs are thought to be energy-intensive and unfriendly to the environment. However, in terms of sustainability, modern LED neon signs have made significant progress. These eco-friendly neon signs are outshining and outlasting the traditional neon signs.

Energy-saving parts, such as low-voltage transformers and LED-illuminated tubing, are frequently used in neon signs today. These upgrades conserve electricity while preserving the recognizable neon light.

Neon signs are also renowned for their longevity and durability, which lessens the need for regular replacements and helps promote a more sustainable approach to signage.

Customize Business Neon Signs using CrazyNeon

Along with our ready-made neon sign collection, we also provide custom features that allow you to create your own unique custom business neon signs. We offer two features to help you customize the neon signs:

  1. Design your neon sign
    This feature works best for text-based neon signs. This can be used to create neon business name signs or simply an open sign. We offer more than 20 fonts and different colors so that the sign is in alignment with your brand’s identity.
  2. Upload image/logo
    This feature can help you convert your business logo into neon signs. All you need to do is upload a business logo, select the size of the sign, and specify if the logo is for indoor or outdoor use.

After using these features one of our customers wrote us back. This is what he had to say: “Greetings Crazyneon, a couple of weeks ago I used the ‘Design your neon sign’ feature to design a neon sign for my kid’s birthday. It didn't even take me 10 mins to complete the entire customizing process. The designing process was quite simple compared to some other websites that I previously visited and the final product was amazing. Thank you.”

You can visit our website to check out our online store and learn more about these features.


Neon signs now serve a far wider range of purposes than just those related to advertising. They have established themselves in a variety of industries, boosting brands, fostering distinctive environments, and bringing a creative edge. Neon signs continue to shine brilliantly, making an impression on everyone who sees them in a variety of settings, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and even private events. Neon signs are also becoming more environmentally friendly as technology develops, in line with our growing dedication to eco-friendly practices.

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