10 Must-Have Custom Neon Sign in Your Kid's Bedroom

10 Must-Have Custom Neon Sign in Your Kid's Bedroom


Adding a kid's neon sign can instantly transform the vibe of your children's bedroom or play space. A custom neon sign can create a magical atmosphere in their room. From beloved Sanrio characters like Cinnamoroll and My Melody to K-pop inspired bunnies and mystical unicorns, each custom neon sign adds a vibrant and personalized touch to your kid's space. Spark their imagination with themes like astronauts and clouds, fostering creativity and a sense of wonder. Whether it's the calming glow of the moon or the iconic Hello Kitty, these kid's neon signs not only illuminate the room but also contribute to a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Crazy Neon offers a range of custom neon signs for kids, and we've picked the top 10 for you, promising to infuse charm and character into your kid's bedroom. Join us on this exploration of transforming spaces into personalized, visually appealing, and engaging realms that leave a lasting impression on your child's growing years. Check them out below:

1. Sanrio Cinnamoroll Neon Sign

The Cinnamoroll is a Sanrio character famous within the kids' space. It's a cute kid's neon sign that exudes brightness and will bring a new vibe into any child's room! The younger generation who's into games would love to have this custom neon sign in their gamer room. Buy it HERE.
Sanrio Cinnamoroll Neon Sign

2. Newjeans Bunny UV Print Neon Sign

The K-pop series inspired the Newjeans Bunny neon sign, and it serves as one of the best gifts for kids who are huge K-pop fans. It's a charming and whimsical addition to any space, as the cute bunny is printed in UV, and the silhouette is outlined with the LED Neon of your choice. These kid's neon signs have bright and eye-catching colors that will add character and flair to your kid's room. Buy it HERE.
Newjeans Bunny UV Print Neon Sign

3. Butterfly Neon Sign

Picking a Butterfly neon sign for kids' rooms can turn out to be the best choice as butterflies are often associated with transformation and growth, making them a meaningful symbol for a child's room! This custom neon sign is available in many vibrant colors, which can enhance the room's visual appeal, creating a lively and cheerful environment! Buy it HERE.
Butterfly Neon Sign

4. Cloud Neon Sign

Adding a cloud neon sign to your kid's room can bring several benefits, creating a sense and imaginative atmosphere that enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. Clouds are often associated with daydreaming and imagination. The presence of this kid's neon sign in their room can encourage them to let their creativity soar, fostering a sense of wonder in their living space. Buy it HERE.
Cloud Neon Sign

5. Astronaut Neon Sign

The astronaut-led neon sign is one of our best-sellers! The astronaut theme sparks the imagination and curiosity of children while opening doors to imaginative play, allowing them to envision themselves as space explorers. This custom neon sign is a starting point for discussions about space, planets, and the wonders of the universe with your kid. If you are thinking of buying it? Do it HERE.
Astronaut Neon Sign

6. Moon Neon Sign

Adding a Moon neon sign can have a transformative and magical effect, creating a calming and enchanting space for your kid. The soft, ambient glow of this custom neon sign from Crazy Neon provides a gentle and comforting illumination, and this subtle lighting can serve as a nightlight, creating a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sleep. Buy it HERE.
Moon Neon Sign

7. My Melody Neon Sign

My Melody is a beloved character known for its cute and adorable aesthetic. The My Melody neon sign can be a fun addition to your girl child's room, making the room feel special and uniquely hers. This kid's neon sign inspires creative play and storytelling. It appeals to different age groups, making it suitable for young children as well as older kids who have cherished the My Melody character throughout their childhood! With multiple color options, you can select your pick HERE.
My Melody Neon Sign

8. Hello Kitty Neon Sign

We all know that Hello Kitty is an iconic and universally recognized character, so adding this custom neon sign to your kid's room will add familiarity and a beloved touch to the room, creating an instant connection with many children. The Hello Kitty neon sign embodies positive values such as friendship, kindness, and happiness. Hence, this kid's neon sign contributes to the room's positive and uplifting atmosphere! This particular sign can be customized entirely according to your choice; you just have to mail us at hello@crazyneon.com and share your requirements!
Hello Kitty Neon Sign

9. Unicorn Neon Sign

Unicorns are mythical creatures associated with magic and fantasy. Introducing a Unicorn neon sign in your kid's room sparks imagination. It invites them into a world of enchantment, fostering creative play and storytelling! More than just your boring, custom neon sign, the Unicorn custom neon sign adds an extra sweet touch to your kid's room. This kid's neon sign from Crazy Neon can be chosen in various colors, allowing personalization based on your child's preferences. Buy it HERE.
Unicorn Neon Sign

10. Queen Crown Neon Sign

The Queen with Crown neon sign is a statement piece that celebrates strength, confidence, and a sense of regality. It can be a focal point in your little girl's bedroom or playroom. Displaying this custom neon sign can remind your child to embrace their worth, uniqueness, and potential daily. Choose from the tons of color options for this custom neon sign HERE.
Queen Crown Neon Sign


You've landed at the right place if you're trying to find the best custom neon signs for your kid's room. Crazy Neon's custom LED signs perfectly add magic and personality to your child's room. From beloved characters like Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty to whimsical themes like astronauts and unicorns, each sign transforms space into a vibrant and imaginative haven. Fostering creativity and positive values, these signs go beyond decoration, impacting your child's growing years. Explore the top 10 picks to infuse character and flair into your kid's bedroom, turning it into a magical and enchanting space.

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