3 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Use Custom-Made Neon Signs

3 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Use Custom-Made Neon Signs

Custom neon signs: An effective decor and advertising tool

You are about to be blown away by how influential a glowing neon sign can be, whether it be for home and event decor or to promote your business.

Custom-made neon signs are getting more and more popular because of their aesthetic appeal, durability, and creative freedom it allows. The options are endless.

In this blog, we will talk about a few applications and advantages of custom-made neon signs.


Application of custom neon signs

Custom neon signs have many applications, and people are continuously experimenting with new ways to incorporate neon signs. Here are a few of the popular ways people use custom neon signs:


1. Events and parties

It’s almost impossible to plan any event decoration without using neon signs. These colorful, glowing signs are amazing at elevating the atmosphere of any occasion. The host has the freedom to incorporate designs that reflect their personality and the theme of the occasion. Here are a few neon sign options for different events:



Two things that are never taken lightly in a wedding are the bride’s outfit and the wedding decoration. In recent years, neon wedding lights have emerged as one of the best wedding decor items. For example, Mr. and Mrs. followed by a couple's last name (for example, Mr. and Mrs. Stark) can be a great option for decor and photo backgrounds. Neon name signs are another popular option.



Parties are a time to take a break from our daily routine. To chill with friends and loved ones and take a step back from the problems and challenges we all face. This is where neon signs' ability to evoke emotion comes into play. For parties, red neon signs are best, as the color evokes a feeling of excitement.

A red neon sign hung above a table and a chair

Neon signs like "Cold beer, warm heart" or "Till death do us party" can be good sign options. You can also customize signs according to the party theme. 

Neon signs can also be used during events to guide people. For example, an arrow neon sign can be used to let people know the directions for bars or dining areas.




Advantages of neon signs during events and parties
  1. Neon signs act as a focal point at events, instantly drawing people’s attention.
  2. The signs can be easily customized according to the party's theme and requirements.
  3. The event gets its dynamic and energetic atmosphere from the warm, brilliant glow of neon signs.
  4. Neon signs create wonderful photo backdrops, enabling attendees to record enjoyable and memorable moments.


2. Neon business signs

Neon signs are one of the best marketing and advertising tools ever made. Over the years, businesses have used the glowing power of neon signs to attract customers and clients.

A survey showed that out of 1000 candidates (50% men and 50% women), 72.2% believed that business signs were more important than social media and newspaper advertisements. And 43.70% were most attracted to bright, eye-catching designs.

You can convert your brand logo into neon signs. Neon lights draw attention and distinguish the logo from competitors.

Neon business logos and signs have a captivating impact that draws in viewers and makes a long-lasting impression because of their brilliant glow and luminosity. Using these signs for your business can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.


The size of the neon signs is very important. For example, an outdoor sign needs to be considerably bigger than an indoor sign to allow people to view it from a distance. We have listed different businesses and how they can make use of neon signs.


Bars: Bars can use indoor signs like a cocktail glass or a beer bottle. Bars usually have red neon signs to create an exciting atmosphere.


Coffee mug neon sign

Cafes: Cafes are places to relax that have a very calming vibe inside. Custom quotes related to coffee or a coffee mug neon sign can be an ideal indoor sign. Yellow-colored signs are usually preferred for cafes.



Hotels and motels: They need to have a large neon sign that is mounted on the hotel roof so people on roads and highways that are looking for a place to stay can easily see the sign from a distance.


Advantages of neon business signs
  1. The major advantage of neon signs is their visibility, as they attract attention from a distance or on a busy street.
  2. Neon signs also help establish your brand's image, giving you an edge over your competitors.
  3. Neon signs are considered one of the best advertising tools that can help you 24/7 with branding purposes.
  4. Neon signs have a flexible design that lets you make distinctive, eye-catching signs that match your company's identity.


3. Home decor

It is extremely important to nicely decorate your house. A bland and boring place can have a negative impact on its mood and vibe. One of the trendiest ways to decorate your house is to use unique neon signs.


Here’s how you can use neon signs in different rooms of your house:

A red neon sign placed above a sofa with two cushions and vases on table

Living room: The living room is the place where we have family gatherings and host parties, so it has to have good decorations. Motivational neon light quotes like "Good Vibes" can be a good option for your living room. You can also hang the logo of your favorite sports team in this room.  



Bedroom: The bedroom is more of a personal space where you can display neon signs that reflect your personality. If you live with your significant other, you can customize romantic neon signs. It can be your wedding date or your initials. It can also be as simple as a neon heart sign.


If you have the room for yourself, you can customize signs according to your personality or hobbies. Movie dialogue and favorite song lyrics can be good options for your bedroom.


Kids room: Neon signs are a distinctive and eye-catching way to liven up children's rooms. These illuminating signs have a whimsical touch, creating an enchanting atmosphere that kids adore.


Quotes like "Think Big", "Happy Place," or "Be Kind" are perfect for your kids room as they send the right message to your kids. You can also instill signs like unicorns, stars, and the moon. Your kids might also love it if they have their name on a neon sign, like in Jon’s room or Arya’s happy place.


Advantages of neon signs for home decor
  1. Neon signs are unique and trendy home decor items that add a contemporary feel to your space.
  2. The signs can be personalized, and you can have different signs for different rooms in your house.
  3. The warm light emitted by the neon signs can help you enhance your mood after a tiring day.
  4. Neon signs are a type of artistic expression and can be seen as one-of-a-kind, intriguing works of art that enhance a space's aesthetic appeal and serve as conversation starters. 


Guide to creating your own custom neon signs

We offer our customers two features on our website for the customization process. We have provided you with a step-by-step guide for both features.

  • Design your neon sign: This amazing feature gives you the freedom to create your own custom LED signs. This feature is especially useful for designing text based neon signs. Follow this guide to create a custom neon sign using this feature:
  • Steps to create custom neon sign


    2Upload image/logo: This feature can be used if you want to create a logo or an image. Follow this guide to create a custom neon sign using this feature:


    Steps to fill in the query form

    NOTE: The price of your design will depend on the size and intricacy of the design.



    Numerous settings can benefit from the charm, individuality, and utility that can be added by using personalized neon signs. The signs we manufacture have a great balance of quality and cost. The signs have a 2-year warranty, under which a bad product will be replaced without any extra cost. One of your consumers, Britt, while sharing her feedback, wrote, "First of all, they really took extra effort to make sure that the sign was protected during the transit. The box and packaging were so secure! It was a day early, and I was happy with how it turned out. It was a gift for my husband’s man cave, and he couldn’t be happier. I love the whole look of the room. Can’t wait to buy more for other boys."



    1. Can I use a custom neon sign for my business logo?

    Absolutely! Custom neon signs are an excellent option for displaying your business logo. You can take the help of a professional logo designer to design your brand logo and upload the design using our "Upload image/logo" feature.


    2. Can I use a custom neon sign outdoors?

    Yes, custom neon signs can be used for outdoor purposes, but ensure that the sign is specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor neon signs are usually weather-resistant, UV-protected, and can stand harsh environmental conditions. They are also bird-proof.


    3. What are the options for mounting a custom neon sign?

    Custom neon signs can be hung on walls, placed on stands, or even installed as window signs. There are various mounting options available that suit different places and requirements.

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