10 Reasons Why People Trust CrazyNeon For Custom Neon Sign Requirements

10 Reasons Why People Trust CrazyNeon For Custom Neon Sign Requirements

LED Neon signs are a great idea for your home or place of work. It creates a unique bright  piece of artwork that is perfect for any space and all occasions. While it might be easier to  source a ready-made piece while looking where to buy neon signs online, that can be hung  on the wall, you might also want to consider investing in a custom neon sign. And when you  do that, Crazy Neon is the first name that comes to your mind, right? 

Crazy Neon was started with a vision to provide the best, the most affordable LED neon  signs / LED neon lights to each one worldwide. Crazy Neon is a home decor brand that  believes in the constant change of vibe in our homes and workplaces. Instead of simply filling it with commodities, we want to inspire people to think more about design and the role Crazy Neon products play in their lives.  

With the increasing popularity of our brand, we thought of penning down the top 10 reasons  why people believe in us and why Crazy Neon should be your top pick while choosing your next custom neon sign. 


1. Best Quality Products

All our customized led signs and wall decor are made with durable and premium  quality material with a very low energy consumption. The custom neon signages are  handcrafted, made with love by our expert designers and technicians. We choose  the best quality LED lights, acrylic backboards, dimmer control, power  supply and mounting hardware. 

Our range of wall decor products include LED Neon Signs, Illuminated Signs, 3D  Acrylic Signs, 3D Wall Art. You can choose from a selection of over 500 pre designed products on our website. 


2. Easy and Endless Customization – 

Crazy Neon offers complete customization of your sign. You can literally choose your  own text, font, color, size, and backboard and Crazy Neon will bring your vision into  reality. The "Design Your Neon Sign" page on the CrazyNeon website is the easiest way to customize your led neon sign. Be it your name, a cheesy quote or yet another  line from your favorite TV show; the options are unlimited when you become the  creator of your own neon sign. 

Apart from this, if you have a logo or an image that you would like to create in led  neon or an illuminated blockout sign or a led and UV print, you can share it with the  CrazyNeon team and request for a quote on your official mail ID. Our design team  will create a mockup and share with you within 24 hours. 


3. Variety of LED Neon Sign Collections

Our distinctive neon lights draw attention to structures, places of business, bars,  cafés, shopping malls, occasions, and homes worldwide. Some of our specialties  include bespoke neon sidewalk signs, bar signs, personalized neon signs for weddings, businesses, and restaurants, and lovely neon artwork for distinctive home decor. You can find some of the most enduring and recognizable patterns in our  store.

a.) Neon Signs for Business 

Customized LED lights are becoming more popular right now. With us, you can  give your business a new look, may it be your office, cafes, bars or restaurants.  You can find the best neon signs in our store. Our neon business signs will help you draw more customers and help increase sales. These high-quality lights are best for indoors and outdoors and can withstand any harsh climate. Moreover,  they can save on their electric bills by consuming less energy. 

You can shop your favorites from our collection of bar signs, gym signs, spa  signs, salon signs, neon signs for cafes and restaurants. 

b.) Wedding Signs 

Neon wedding signs are a colorful, unexpected decor option that can modernize  your big-day venue. These personalized led neon signs for weddings can be  playful and purposeful too. Personalized neon light at weddings can be used to  direct guests, label stations, tell stories and even convey important wedding  details, like the date, your hashtag, or your new monogram. Neon wedding signs  can indicate a venue’s main entrance, lend personality to an altar, or even light  up a DJ setup. 

c.) Neon Name Lights 

A neon name light aka led neon name sign is a perfect custom piece to amp up  any room and add a touch of personalization. A customized led sign with a name also makes a great gift for your loved ones. We mean nobody gets bored of their  own name, right? 

With a variety of font options and color options, you can customize a name neon  light on CrazyNeon in just 5 minutes. Try HERE

d.) Neon Signs for Occasions 

Personalized neon light options can add a unique and memorable touch to any  party or special occasion. With the name of the event, or the name of the guest of  honor, or simple ones like Better Together neon sign, Happy Birthday neon signHappy Anniversary neon sign adds a glow to the party and make for a great  photoshoot prop. Festive signs like Halloween neon sign, Thanksgiving neon  sign, Christmas neon sign make for the best gifting options. As customized led  signs never go out of trend, you can gift these to multiple people at multiple  occasions. 

Still wondering where to buy neon signs online? Check out our Gifting Collection HERE


4. Easy-to-Use and Maintain

Our world-class craftsmen create the best custom signages for your needs which are  super easy to assemble and install. Our custom neon signs come in 3 mounting  options – wall mounted, wall hung and free standing. CrazyNeon provides an  installation kit with nuts and spacers along with a power adapter and transparent  cable. It’s very easy to hang your customized led signs – just place the sign, plug-in  and let it glow. The led neon signs also come with additional dimmer to control the  brightness of the sign. 

It’s extremely easy to maintain these signs as well. All you have to do is wipe the  signs using a dry cloth from time to time and keep away from water. Our customized led  signs use minimal electricity to ensure energy conservation. 


5. Affordable Pricing – 

Looking where to buy neon signs online? Look no further! With CrazyNeon, you don’t  have to overpay for custom neon signs. We offer high-quality, durable custom  signages at prices you’ll love. With additional discounts and free shipping on certain  orders, we make the most affordable customized led signs and wall decor items. 


6. Safe Transactions – 

Our website CrazyNeon.com is one of the most user-friendly e-commerce websites.  We ensure a smooth designing and shopping experience throughout our site and  ensure every single transaction is safe and secured. All the purchases and financial  information of each of our customers is safe and 100% private. Our customers  choose to buy neon signs online from Crazy Neon because we offer a plethora of  secured payment gateways like Amex, Apple Pay, Discover, Google Pay, Shop Pay,  Visa and Mastercard. 


7. Safe and Fast Shipping – 

CrazyNeon understands that shipping custom led signs requires proper care and  attention to ensure that they arrive at your destination safely, without any breakage.  Keeping this in mind, our team takes proper measures from packaging to picking the  best shipping partners and delivery agents who deliver the packages securely. 

Our turn-around time for shipping your favorite custom signages is between 6-10  days and we also offer express shipping at a minimal cost for urgent orders. 


8. 2 Years Warranty – 

CrazyNeon assures its customers, the products we offer are free from any manufacturing defect. However, it is normal that due to the handcrafted nature of  the led signs, they can be subject to slight variations in shape, color, font or size.  So, when our customers buy the products, they get a 2 years warranty for all indoor  led neon signs and a 12 months warranty for the outdoor led neon signs. In this  period, we offer to replace the full sign or any faulty component received with the  sign. We believe that our customers also trust in us due to the fact that we  give them 100% satisfaction with their product and are eager to help if at all they face difficulty with the product. 

You can read more about CrazyNeon warranty policy HERE


9. Customer Support – 

While our website offers a hassle-free shopping experience and offers a wide range  of led neon sign collections and a custom design tool which is self-explanatory and  easy-to-use, some of our customers still feel the need to reach out to customer  support for their design requirements and we at Crazy Neon make sure we adhere to  each query within 24 hours. The questions could be about a particular design, its  size, its availability, its price or a special delivery. Our team is always available to  clarify your doubts. 

If you have any trouble with your package or product, feel free to reach out to the CrazyNeon customer support HERE


10. Crazy Neon Reviews – 

Our generous customers always leave an unbiased review for us on the CrazyNeon reviews page. We use TrustPilot – the authentic reviews platform which showcases 100% genuine reviews from all our buyers. We appreciate and encourage people to  let us know their thoughts about our products. It not only motivates our team to keep designing the best for everyone but also helps other people to make a conscious  decision when buying from Crazy Neon. 


Crazy Neon is not just a company that offers bespoke neon sign services; it is also a concept that guarantees infinite fun and creativity with LED neon sign supplies, allowing you to express your imagination with your business, office, or home decor. 

Still wondering where to buy neon signs online? Feel free to browse through our website for our beautiful and trend-setting collections. Happy Shopping!

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