11 Best Neon Sign Fonts to light up your custom sign

11 Best Neon Sign Fonts to light up your custom sign


Have you ever wondered how a super cool neon sign could light up your space and give it a totally unique vibe? Well, the secret to an awesome neon sign often comes down to the font you choose. Let's check out some of the best neon sign fonts that will really make your custom sign stand out. Ready? Let's do this!


Best-Selling Fonts

These are the top choices everyone loves, guaranteed to make your sign look amazing.


1. Quilla

Quilla is an absolute gem! It's elegant and sophisticated, with a hint of vintage flair that makes it perfect for both modern and retro designs. Whether you're creating a sign for a stylish café or a classy boutique, Quilla's flowing lines and beautiful curves will add a touch of elegance.


2. Kekasih

Looking for something romantic and stylish? Kekasih is your go-to! This font has a sweet and playful vibe, making it perfect for personal projects or businesses that want to convey warmth and friendliness. Just imagine a neon sign with Kekasih lighting up a cozy little bakery—simply delightful!


3. Signature

The Signature font brings a personal touch to your neon sign. It mimics the natural strokes of a handwritten signature, making it feel personal and authentic. It's perfect for businesses that want to add a human touch to their branding.


4. Nickainly

Nickainly is all about that classic, vintage look. Its timeless appeal works great for signs that need a touch of nostalgia. Think about an old-school barber shop or a retro diner—Nickainly will transport your customers back in time with its nostalgic charm.


5. Valentine

Valentine is a true crowd-pleaser. It's bold yet elegant, with a hint of romance. It's perfect for signs that need to stand out while still maintaining a touch of sophistication. Whether for a stylish restaurant or a trendy boutique, Valentine will definitely catch the eye.


Trending Cursive Fonts

These stylish and flowing cursive fonts are super popular right now, adding a touch of elegance and fun.


6. Great Vibes

Looking for flow and elegance? Great Vibes has got you covered! This font exudes movement, making it perfect for lively and vibrant neon signs. If you want your sign to feel fun and inviting, Great Vibes is the way to go!


7. Hand Script

Say hello to Hand Script - the perfect mix of casual and stylish. It has a friendly and approachable feel, making it ideal for businesses aiming to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Imagine a charming coffee shop or a cozy bookstore with a neon sign in Hand Script – doesn't that sound inviting?


8. Autography

Autography is the ultimate choice for weddings! With its delicate and graceful look, it's perfect for capturing those special moments. Whether for a wedding venue, a romantic message, or a personalized gift, Autography will add a touch of elegance and love to your neon sign.


New Fonts

These fresh and modern fonts are perfect if you want something unique and contemporary for your sign.


9. Maiden

Maiden is fresh and modern, with a clean and sleek design that's perfect for contemporary signs. If you're looking for a minimalist look with a lot of style, Maiden is the font to choose. It's great for trendy shops, modern cafes, or any space that needs a bit of modern flair.


10. Trooper

Trooper is bold and strong, with a distinctive look that commands attention. It's ideal for signs that need to make a statement, whether for a new bar or a cutting-edge tech store. Trooper will make sure your sign stands out.


11. Dome

Dome is unique and versatile, with a playful yet professional look that's suitable for a wide range of applications. From creative studios to innovative businesses, Dome adds a touch of creativity and fun to your neon sign.



So, there you have it! These 11 fonts are all fantastic choices for creating a custom neon sign that’s eye-catching and perfectly suited to your style. Whether you’re going for elegance, nostalgia, or modern chic, there’s a font here that will make your sign shine bright. Visit CRAZY NEON® to get your customized neon signs. Happy designing!

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