Best Places to Display Gaming Signs

Best Places to Display Gaming Signs


Hey there! So, you’re thinking about adding some flair to your gaming space with some awesome neon signs, huh? That’s a fantastic idea. Neon signs can really bring a gaming room to life, adding that vibrant, electrifying atmosphere that makes gaming sessions even more epic. But where exactly should you place these neon wonders to get the maximum impact? Let’s dive into the best spots to hang your gaming neon signs and turn your space into the ultimate gaming haven.


1. The Man Cave: The Heart of the Action

First up, we’ve got the classic man cave. This is usually the first place that comes to mind when thinking about gaming setups, and for good reason. Man caves are personal sanctuaries where you can unwind, relax, and, of course, game to your heart’s content. Adding neon signs here can make the space even more special.

Wall Behind the Gaming Setup: The wall right behind your gaming setup is prime real estate for a neon sign. Imagine a "Game On" or a custom sign with your gamer tag glowing behind you as you play. It not only looks cool but also serves as a fantastic backdrop for streaming if you’re into that.

Above the Couch or Seating Area: If you’ve got a couch or a cozy seating area, hanging a neon sign above it can create a nice visual balance. Something like a controller icon or the word "Gamer Zone" could work perfectly.


2. The Gaming Corner: Small but Mighty

Not everyone has an entire room to dedicate to gaming. Sometimes, all you’ve got is a corner of a room, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome.

Above the Monitor or TV: Placing a neon sign above your monitor or TV can create a focal point. It draws the eye and makes your gaming corner feel more like its own space. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your personality.

On a Shelf: If you’ve got shelves in your gaming corner, consider placing a neon sign on one of them. This adds a nice pop of color and can highlight your collection of games, figurines, or other gaming memorabilia.


3. The Living Room: Multifunctional Magic

For many of us, the living room doubles as a gaming space. This can actually be a great opportunity to incorporate neon signs in a way that enhances the whole room.

Above the Entertainment Center: This is a natural spot for a neon sign. It’s central, and it ties in nicely with the entertainment theme. Something like a "Let’s Play" sign can be a fun addition.

On the Wall Facing the TV: If you’ve got some empty wall space facing the TV, consider adding a neon sign there. Every time you look up from your game, you’ll be reminded of the awesome vibe you’ve created.


4. The Bedroom: Personal and Private

Your bedroom might also be your gaming sanctuary, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a personal space where you can relax and unwind with your favorite games.

Above the Bed: A neon sign above the bed can be a great statement piece. It doesn’t have to be directly related to gaming – something like a cool symbol or your initials could work too. But if you want to go all out, a sign that says "Dream On" in the shape of a game controller could be really unique.

On the Opposite Wall: If you’ve got a wall facing your bed that’s looking a bit bare, a neon sign could be the perfect solution. It adds a cool element to the room and gives you something to admire when you’re not gaming.


5. The Gaming Den: Ultimate Immersion

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated gaming den, then you’ve got plenty of options for where to place your neon signs. This is your chance to create a fully immersive experience.

Entrance: First impressions count, right? Placing a neon sign at the entrance of your gaming den sets the tone from the moment you walk in. Something like "Welcome to the Game" could be a fun and inviting touch.

All Around the Room: Don’t limit yourself to just one neon sign. If you’ve got the space, consider creating a gallery wall of neon signs. Mix and match different designs and colors to create a visually stimulating environment that screams gaming.

Ceiling: For a truly immersive experience, why not consider hanging neon signs from the ceiling or using strip lighting? This can create a really unique look and make your gaming den feel like you’re stepping into another world.


Customizing Your Neon Signs

Now that we’ve talked about where to place your neon signs, let’s touch on customization. The great thing about neon signs is that they can be personalized to suit your style. Here are a few ideas:

• Your Gamer Tag: A neon sign with your gamer tag is a fantastic way to make your space truly yours. It’s personal, unique, and adds a professional touch to your setup.
• Favorite Game Quotes: Do you have a favorite line from a game? Turning it into a neon sign can be a great way to keep that inspiration close at hand.
• Game Icons: Simple icons from your favorite games, like a Triforce from Zelda or the Pac-Man ghost, can make great neon signs. They’re instantly recognizable and add a touch of nostalgia to your space.
• Color Scheme: Think about the color scheme of your gaming space. Neon signs come in a variety of colors, so you can choose ones that complement or contrast with your existing decor.


Installation Tips

Before you start drilling holes and hanging your neon signs, here are a few installation tips:

• Power Source: Make sure you have a nearby power source. Neon signs need to be plugged in, so you’ll want to plan for this to avoid having unsightly cords running across the room.
• Mounting Hardware: Most neon signs come with their own mounting hardware, but double-check before you start the installation process. You might need some extra tools like screws or wall anchors.
• Eye Level Placement: As a general rule, try to hang your neon signs at eye level. This makes them easy to see and appreciate.
• Balance: If you’re hanging multiple signs, think about balance and spacing. You don’t want one side of the room to feel heavier than the other.



So there you have it! Whether you’re outfitting a man cave, a corner, or a full-on gaming den, neon signs can add that extra layer of excitement and personality to your gaming space. From behind your gaming setup to above your bed, the possibilities are endless. Just remember to think about power sources, mounting, and the overall balance of your room.

Neon signs aren’t just for bars and storefronts anymore. They’ve found a new home in our gaming spaces, bringing color, light, and a touch of nostalgia. So go ahead, pick out a few awesome designs, and start transforming your gaming area into a place where you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite games. Happy gaming!

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