Custom Light up signs have gained traction in the markets, earning a reputed preference as these are the loudest of the silent advertising tools a company might use. Neon signs provide a prodigiously high utility to an establishment, especially small businesses, as they notice a substantial shift with such advertising due to increased market visibility. Its appealing features make them a clear choice for sure, but what attracts a customer the most is the undemanding affordability positively entailed by the prominent efficiency. 

The conventionally used Neon signs are primarily made with stretched-out effulgent gas-discharge tubes that have been heated and bent into various shapes and letters.  Glass Neon signs have a nostalgic appeal and give an authentically warm, aesthetically mild glow but their high maintenance and low affordability are the reasons that attenuated its commerciality.  

Out of the diverse reasons, let's discuss some of the major key points that form a basis, proving Custom neon lights to be a safer, environmentally friendlier, economical, and competitive option to go for:

  • High Energy Efficiency:  Custom neon signs made with LED lights are up to 10X more energy efficient. The power consumption of such signs is way too less, as and when compared to the glass neon signs. Choosing LED Neon signs over traditional neon signs would be a financially astute decision, in the long run, the chosen category will start saving you money from the day of purchase. Firstly, Custom LED Neon signs are cheaper than traditional neon sign in terms of prices, The power consumption of the signs also varies a great deal, and lastly, you can get a replica of your last sign in case it breaks or stop working due to some reasons but there will always be a slash of variation in every manufactured glass neon sign ( Due the material used for its manufacturing), thus a simple replacement might cost you a huge sum of money.

  • Design Accuracy: 
  • LED Neon signs can be used to design brand logos more accurately, the flexible tube type can be swiftly molded in any discrete shape matching the logo more authentically, and the numerous color options available are used to finely design the sign maintaining brand integrity without any sort of vagueness. Traditional Neon signs are made with glass tubes. Bending, and shaping them can be a risky job to take, not only that, but with the rigidity of the tubes, it is arduous to mold them into a distinctively defined shape.  

    LED Neon signs are more versatile, the functionality of such signs is not restricted to one particular color or technical outlook, thus improvising the overall graphic performance and visual experience of the customer. In the case of traditional Neon signs, The glass tubes are filled with neon gas, which is only used to generate one-third of the colors that include red, orange, and a few other intense shades of pink. In order to create some variations of colors like blue, yellow, green, violet, and white as well as some of the softer pink shades, Argon gas is mixed with a drop of mercury. Thus the color options in such cases are well-restricted and can't be modified further. The choice of color-changing light, RGB, is only available with the former type. LED Neon lights are a collection of thousands of small-sized single lights with each being independently functional increasing the scale of creative ground to work on. The neon artist can modify any design, in any color, in any shape, and make it a perfectly happening sign with top-notch quality, attracting customers in a cost-effective way is something that all businesses need. 

  • Safety and Security:
  • LED Neon signs do not generate heat or sound and are entirely safe to use, as these are made with high-quality acrylic and flexible LED lights. Whereas, conventional neon signs are structured with glass tubes filled with gasses and can prove to be hazardous if not handled with care. For instance, If a single LED light bulb ruptures it won't affect the entire sign, thus no harm is done. But even if a small segment of glass neon sign breaks, it might initiate an alarming situation creating a fire hazard. 

    LEDs are an eco-friendly option to go for as they have stricter energy standards forcing lesser strain on the environment, also, neon lights are made with toxic gases, if leaked they might prove to be highly combustible. 

  • Installation and Maintenance Cost:
  • Glass Neon signs are frangible, the installation of such signs requires proper handling and can be done under professional guidance only. This is a high-priced process followed by some intricately guided steps. The installation of your Unique Neon sign crafted with LED lights is easy, safe, and does not require any specialized knowledge as it is a DIY activity. The neon signs are delivered along with the opted mounting kit which includes screws and other necessary elements for the assembling of the sign, just drill the holes and mount your sign as per your wishes. Therefore, LED neon signs are eco-friendly, energy-saving, and cost-effective for so many reasons. 

  • Notable Visibility: 
  • The brightness of a glass neon sign dilutes with time due to the gases used, even the quick fix is a lengthy process bearing a hefty level of expenses. LED neon signs are easily replaceable; most importantly, the light doesn't dim with time. Glass signs wear off quickly as they are neither water-resistant nor can be exposed to direct or changing weather. Therefore, LEDs are best suited for Neon name lights, multiple brands have shifted their interest to LEDs, as they are brighter and more durable than the traditional ones. LEDs have a longer lifespan (An average of about 100,000 Hours or say 11+ Years) compared to Glass Neon lights with an average life span of 30,000 hours. 


    Thus, LED neon signs are most certainly the succeeding go-to option for sure, businesses seeking a highlighting element to add some creatively chic spot must buy this creative signage, as they not only cut extra costs but also brings better brand visibility. Neon signs with LED lights are built for higher endurance and improved durability. 

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