5 reasons Custom LED Neon Signs are a perfect gift this festive season

5 reasons Custom LED Neon Signs are a perfect gift this festive season

The sweet smell of fresh pumpkins, the drool for a perfectly cooked turkey and the  traces of mistletoe have started to ring the bell for this festive season and it’s that  time of the year when we start listing the perfect gifts for our loved ones! Let’s be  real, who doesn’t love receiving beautifully wrapped gifts with something mysterious inside; and when it’s a personalized neon light, especially neon name lights, it brightens up the room even more.  

So, this festive season, CrazyNeon has brought to you the best neon signs to gift to your friends and family and light up their homes! Want to know what makes customized led signs the perfect gift this festive season? Keep reading… 


Reasons why Custom Neon Signs make the perfect gift. 

  1. Uniqueness Custom neon signs aren’t just limited to your home, wedding or business place. Their way of brightening up the walls and making a statement is remarkable. Neon lights online are not limited to age or gender and thus, you can  never run out of gift choices with the unique custom feature for anyone. If you check out CrazyNeon reviews from our customers, you will read that this  festive season, they are choosing to gift their spouses, friends and siblings bright neon name lights. Why? Because personalized neon light will become a favorite for everyone for years to come. Personalized name neon signs can be a unique gift for the kids’ bedroom; your wedding date can be hung above your bed making a style statement; a thanksgiving turkey sign can fill up the dining area with light for the season; and a glowing Christmas tree sign can be used on your sibling’s entrance making heads turn all through the holidays! Don’t these bold ideas make for a perfect festive gift?

  2. Personalization and Customization – If you have a creative imagination and you want to gift your dear ones something artistic and are looking for a site where to buy neon signs online, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect page. CrazyNeon gives you the liberty to customize anything and everything possible using our custom tool. All our signs get delivered with ready-to-hang or mount-onto-the-wall options. You can choose to add any text you want, with any color of your choice; choose any image on the type of sign you require – led neon, block-out sign, custom led photo frame with a personalized led name sign or a neon last name sign, from Halloween pumpkin to the Thanksgiving turkey to the Christmas tree or New Year fireworks, CrazyNeon offers you endless options! You can also check out CrazyNeon reviews to see what others have bought.

  1. Affordability Crazy Neon offers a wide range of LED neon lights online which start from $99. These are a budget-friendly alternative to the traditional neon signs. You can choose to customize your preferred sign HERE. Any personalized neon  light bought from Crazy Neon is durable and comes with a warranty of 12-24  months depending on its type and is absolutely value for money. Now, considering your friend or family member has opened a new business and you want to be supportive, you can gift them a personalized LED business sign. We know marketing as a crucial business function can be expensive, and custom led neon signs can help your loved ones market their brand physically well. Custom neon signs from CrazyNeon use less power and glow more making it affordable for all its users. 

  2. Easy Maintenance – Every customized led sign is durable and has a way of making a permanent impression. It’s an exceptional gift that your beloved will keep and admire for the longest time. After all, one doesn’t get these kinds of gifts every day. So, it’s imperative they will take care of the led personalized sign they’ve received. It’s actually very easy to maintain all the signs, including the neon name lights. All one needs to do is clean it using a dry cloth from time to time to keep away the dust. Just switch off the sign and wipe it through. For any stubborn stains, use a cleaning spray on the cloth to wipe it. Make sure to keep it away from water or spills! If you’re still wondering where to buy neon signs online, do read the CrazyNeon reviews and you will know we offer the best quality. 

  3. Memorable – Personalized gifts are becoming popular day by day and what’s more special than being a part of the design process to create a personalized led sign or custom neon name lights yourself for your loved ones? Our custom neon sign tool gives you the liberty to generate a design in a range of different neon colors,  your desired size, and just any text or design you want and buy neon sign online with ease. Imagine your family members and friends receiving these custom neon signs for home or neon last name sign and you watching their faces lit up with joy as they unfold this new personalized piece of neon art. It’s sure to be a memorable moment for you and a memorable gift for them! 


What are some options for the best neon signs online for gifting? 

The versatility of custom led neon signs makes them the go-to-gift for any occasion.  From birthdays, to anniversaries, to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year  and many more occasions round the year, the impact of a personalized led sign is timeless. 

We’ve compiled a few festive gift sign options for you to get an idea and explore our collections. Check them out below :


LED neon signs for Halloween 

angry-pumpkin-with-hat-neon-sign trick-or-treat-neon-sign



LED neon signs for Thanksgiving

Happy-thanksgiving-multicolor-illuminated-sign talk-turkey-to-me-thanksgiving-neon-sign



LED neon signs for Christmas

merry-christmas-neon-sign christmas-tree-neon-sign 



LED neon signs for Wedding 

welcome-wedding-acrylic-sign personalized-wedding-names-neon-sign



LED neon signs for Home 

good-vibes-only-home-decor-neon-sign this-must-be-the-place-home-decor-neon-sign



Why choose LED personalized sign from Crazy Neon? 

At CrazyNeon, we are continuously creating personalized name neon signs, neon last name sign, led neon signs for home and other unique pieces of neon art using  our ideas in creative ways for every occasion. We love designing pieces to excite a range of gift buyers and contemporary art lovers! What makes CrazyNeon led signs different from others is that each of our sign is hand made using professional tools and guidance by our expert craftsmen. Each of our led personalized sign is made  with durable and premium quality material with a very low energy consumption. 

Apart from this, below are some more reasons why you should choose led  personalized signs from CrazyNeon:

  • Prompt Delivery – Quick around time with fast delivery. Orders are fulfilled  within 6-10 days. 
  • Best Price – Our products are available at the most affordable prices.
  • Secured Transactions – All your purchases and financial information is safe  and 100% private. 
  • 2 Years Warranty* - All the led signs come with a warranty limit and we offer  replacements at absolutely no extra cost.  

With 100% customer satisfaction, the CrazyNeon reviews page will also give you a good idea about why you should buy neon signs online from CrazyNeon

If you’re still not sure what custom led neon sign your recipient would prefer, you can  opt for a gift card and give them the freedom to choose their favorite from CrazyNeon!

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