9 Ways How White Neon Signs Help Elevate The Vibe of Any Room

9 Ways How White Neon Signs Help Elevate The Vibe of Any Room

We all love hanging customized neon signs in our homes and workplaces but choosing  perfect neon lights online can be tricky; and choosing the perfect color for your personalized  neon light is always a task too! However, one color that always looks fresh and stands out  against any background is WHITE neon. Classic, white neon light is best used for emitting a  neutral light into your space. 

At Crazy Neon, nothing says classic elegance like a beautiful white light throughout your  space, and with the white neon lighting, you can add an elegant touch of wall art that is true  to your attitude. You could be looking to add some extra light, a piece of art or some perspective to your study and still want to be able to read and write clearly, or maybe  you’re just looking for an aesthetic vibe. Regardless, a personalized white neon sign can  bring freshness to any space along with a humble message, a customized led sign with a lot  of oomph or an image that suits you perfectly! 

While many think of traditional colors like red neon sign, or yellow neon sign, there are actually a number of different colors to choose from but amongst them all, the best option that’s growing in popularity is white neon signs.  

Below are 9 ways how you can add white neon signs from Crazy Neon into your space and elevate the vibe of any room :


  1. White Neon for Glamor 

You can add a white neon sign to your salon decor for an instant touch of glamour,  whether it’s in your home or at your salon / makeup studio, a white neon sign can  light up any room with its extravagant lighting scheme. 


  1. Soothing Night Light  

You can use a white neon sign as a night light in your bedroom or bathroom. A small elemental design can be turned into a neon sign at Crazy Neon. The soft white light is perfect for creating a relaxing ambience in your room. Plus, white led neon signs last longer than traditional bulbs, so you won’t have to worry about changing them often.  


  1. Home Office or Home Bar  

Take your style up a notch with our exclusively designed bar neon signs in white LED. The sleek, modern look of a personalized bar neon sign in white will give your space an instant upgrade. It will be the best piece of attraction when your guests are over, and you’re sure to receive compliments for your customized neon sign!


  1. White Neon Sign for Living Room 

You can create a focal point in your living room by hanging a white neon sign right  above your fireplace or your couch. If you’re looking to hang “White Wings neon  sign” or a “White Star neon sign”, HERE is where to buy neon signs online. You can  even customize your neon name lights in white and hang them at the entrance. All  these Crazy Neon signs are sure to add uniqueness into your homes! 


  1. White Neon Signs for Gaming Rooms 

Up the ante in your game room by adding a white neon sign. You can hang it next to the pool table or your poker table or for those who love to play computer games, a white neon sign creates the best vibe around. A white neon sign of your favorite  gamer or the Play station will definitely add punk to the room and will elevate the  aesthetics and keep you in the zone for more. 


  1. White Neon Sign for Weddings  

It’s a frequent practice to buy neon signs online in white color and use them as the  perfect photography backgrounds for all wedding photos. “You & I neon sign”,  “Wedding Date neon sign”, “Better Together neon sign”, etc. are some of the most  common customized neon signs in white that are used as wedding backdrops  because the calming white just fits in everywhere making any picture pop!  


  1. White Neon Signs for Gym / Spa 

Adding a personalized white neon sign into your gym or spa actually helps in relaxing as the soothing white color of the LED helps in bringing down blood pressures and helps the body to feel composed. The white light also adds a touch of luxury to the ambience and uplifts the mood of everyone present in the room naturally. Don’t believe us? Read the most genuine CrazyNeon reviews about white neon signs HERE



  1. White LED Neon Sign for Garage 

You can use a white LED neon light to add some extra illumination to your workshop or garage. The white customized neon light will make it easier to spot your equipment, add a nice design to your boring / messy place and will also help you attract customers at a commercial workshop / garage as white neon lights can be spotted very distinctively from a distance. Did you know, white light also helps you stay focused due to its non-disturbing property? Buy a white neon sign HERE and check it out for yourself! 


  1. White Neon Signs for Parties 

Thanks to personalized neon lights available on Crazy Neon, no one has to shy away from hosting crazy parties. The craziest party decor is always available on the site, where you can choose from a range of wonderful neon name lights, decor neon signs, luxurious rage neon signs, etc. to match your aesthetics. And the best of all have to be white party lights. It could be “Happy Birthday neon sign” or a “New Year Party neon sign” or a “Christmas neon sign”, just anything and everything is available on crazyneon.com! You can hang these signs to your entrance or your stairway, or choose to put freestanding led neon signs on the floor to match your decor, they’ll  always look amazing. 



LED neon signs have come a long way since they were first used as advertisements for business. Now, personalized neon signs can be used to create a unique and memorable experience for your friends, family and your customers! Especially, white neon signs that can be used to gift your dear ones at all occasions. You can literally create any design using the Crazy Neon custom tool (check HERE) and share some happiness.  

Considering to buy neon signs online and knowing you have your heart set on a white neon? Submitting a custom design request has never been easier! Just visit our website, click on “design your neon sign” and choose from a variety of options for your custom text, font, color, size and mounting options. Yes, there’s another way to feed custom requests for logos. You can submit your requests on hello@crazyneon.com and our team of experts will share a mockup with you for approval before sending the sign into manufacturing! 

Be sure, at Crazy Neon, we specialize in creating custom neon signs that will help you stand out from the competition. Happy Shopping!

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