Coffee Cafe Neon Sign - Multicolor
Coffee Cafe Neon Sign - Multicolor
Coffee Cafe Neon Sign - Multicolor
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Coffee Cafe Neon Sign - Multicolor

SKU: CNUS000054

Coffee Neon Sign is a fun and attractive way to let the world know about your business.

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SKU: CNUS000054
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Coffee Cafe Neon Sign is a perfect sign for your cafe. It will attract customers and shows the strength of your brand. It's also an effective brand attention tool that can create a buzz around your business and help you grow faster than ever before. Different from other neon signs, our neon signs are made to be practical and easy to use. You should see the quality first hand!

This is a custom-made neon sign for a coffee shop or cafe. Perfectly, made to fit any interior. The product is made of acrylic glass with neon tubes inside. Pictures speak louder than words, and this cafe neon sign does just that for your business - it speaks to your customers, without uttering a word. This Cafe Neon Sign will give your cafe a great look and you will get more customers. This neon sign is one of the best signs that can attract customers because it looks cool.

Cafe Neon Sign is a perfect gift for your business or your friend. The sign is made of a high-quality neon glass tube that can be turned off and on. The light has three colors that you can choose: red, blue, green. It can be put up as easily as a photo frame and is plugged in like a light! If you can put up a picture on your wall, you can easily install our neon signs, without any external help! Plus, a 12V power connector rules out the need for an electrician.

If you are looking for a cool neon sign, our neon signs are the best option for your business. The quality of our product is high, which means that it will serve you long. We also offer very competitive prices to ensure that you get maximum value for your money. Our Neons are delivered across the United States. From us to you — no matter where you are, we'll send it to you as soon as possible, using the most dependable courier services available!

  • Your awesome brand new neon sign
  • Power supply: 12v dc power adapter with US type plug
  • Packed with free dimmer to control lighting effect of your neon sign (Only available indoor neon signs)
  • Basic mounting kit combo
  • Any additional accessories or kits ordered
  • Delivered within 3-4 weeks with free standard shipping and within 2 weeks with express shipping
  • All our shipments are insured and in case of any issue it will be replaced free of charge
  • All of our indoor / outdoor neon signs come with a 24 MONTH WARRANTY
Each of our neon sign is hand made from high quality flex neon led and pasted/fused to acrylic board neon flex is made from PVC which has LED lights inside which are long lasting and durable Led neon lights have long life up to 50,000 hours All our signs comes with pre-drilled holes along with mounting screws Smaller signs can be hanged via double tape Waterproof signs have additional secure layer on neon led Power adapter is 12v and works between 120-240v power supply

Why should I buy my neon led light sign from Crazy Neon?

Our led neon light signs are handmade and are made to order. We use high quality materials that are durable and long lasting. They are economical, kids friendly and good for good for the environment as they have long lifespan. Some of the other reasons why you should buy from us are:

  • Handmade: Each order is custom built & hand-crafted.
  • Affordable: We offer the cheapest rates without compromising on the quality. Our signs are the most affordable neon signs you can find out there.
  • Free Shipping: We provide free shipping on our products which is fast too.
  • 24 Months Warranty: All of our indoor or outdoor signs comes with 24 Month warranty covering led as well as the power supply.
  • Stronger Than Glass Neon: Led signs are more durable, lighter and stronger than glass signs.
  • Efficient & Cooler: Our signs are energy efficient as well as doesn't get hot while running.
  • Easy to Install: All of our signs comes with easy installation & mounting options. They have holes for handing & mounting.


Is Crazy Neon a legit place to buy neon signs?

Yes absolutely, is a legitimate e-commerce website and is a part of webcom ventures LLC incorporated in the US. We have operations in the US and India. Our neon signs are handmade in the US, India and China. We ship to the customers around the globe. Our website is totally secure and we use most trusted platforms with best encryption technologies. When you reach out to us you talk to real people and we have more than 15 artisans who work very hard to give you the perfect sign. Call, email or DM us if you like to know more about us.


How is Crazy Neon able to sell cheaper than the competition?

We are able to sell cheaper by optimizing our sourcing of high quality raw materials. We work on less margins and pass on maximum benefit to our customers. Our goal is to serve more customers rather. Higher volume of orders also help us to keep our costs lower.


Customer Reviews

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Great Quality!

Totally loved the sign! Great Quality at the fairest price.

Best Customer Service!

They provide the best customer assistance. Extremely polite, delivering excellent quality products. Thanks CrazyNeon!

s s

Wow! What an amazing company to deal with. Crazy Neon was just brilliant right from our very first enquiry. They responded to messages so quickly, helped us design our sign to get it just right, sent us a mock-up to approve and our final sign was ready all within days! We are so happy with it. And happy that we found this company. Would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who wants a neon sign.

Helen M.
express delivery and great customer service

Great sign! The adapter wasn't working, they sent a new one in just one day.
Love it! Great experience and I will buy from you guys again!


I loved the sign I ordered. I got it as a gift for my fiancé & he loved it. Crazy Neon was very helpful & answered back quickly with the questions I had.
Thank you so much for my sign. Highly recommend ordering from them!